The company

E&E is a company set up and managed by two architects: Ewa Kołłątaj and Edyta Reczka. The company started in 1992 as a civil law partnership and ever since has been offering comprehensive planning and building design services, including expert reports and handling of all formalities on the Investor’s behalf.

We have thorough experience in designing buildings of different sizes and complexity as our projects include banks, indoor markets and industrial halls, resorts, shops, church community halls, single-family housing estates and residential houses for private investors. We also offer full service interior design for offices and private homes.
Apart from the above, we specialize in designing petrol stations and have adequate experience and capacity to handle such highly specific projects.
Our core team consists of five architects plus the two of us, owners, and we use the services of an extensive network of site specific design specialists whose qualifications have proven satisfactory over the years. For these very reasons – long-time experience in the design sector and reliable team – we are able to guarantee professional and timely execution of tasks we are entrusted with.
Our guiding principle is to achieve the balance of function and form as a determinant of GOOD ARCHITECTURE.