Residential architecture and, in particular, design of single-family houses is treated by many architects as ‘non-specialist’ and so, being the easiest task for any architect. However, our approach is different and we believe that it is not about technical difficulty, but sensitivity to your customer’s needs.

When designing a house or a housing estate, a designer must use his imagination and technical expertise just in the same way as with all other design projects, to be able to propose solutions that will meet customer’s requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics and economy.
When designing houses and housing estates, we first try to learn about customers’ expectations, be in tune with their visions of an ideal home and work from there. We do our best to put these initial ‘visions’ into a specific, functionally and technically adequate form, always being flexible, so that the outcome – very modern houses, comfy suburban houses or rural mansion style houses – is a fulfilment of their dreams. And in doing so, we make sure that all residences are distinguished by care for harmonious spatial composition, balance of form and function, minimalism, architectural detail and interior finishes.